Life Care Radio is a little bit different!

Life Care Radio is a charity relying solely on donations, pledges and volunteers. We aim to provide radio entertainment to people who are in residential, nursing or hospice care across the Torbay and South Devon area.

Unlike a regular radio station, members of the public won't be able to listen to us on their radios or on the internet. Instead, a special computer feed will be fed from us to a special unit, designed to look and feel like a radio but with a direct link to our output inside it. This enables medium to long term care providers to provide music and shows specially tailored to suit the tastes of their residents and patients. We will also run regular request rounds and invite patients to get involved in the shows.

As a fledgling charity, we are looking for people to support us, become members, pledge donations or provide raffle prizes. We have a busy year of fundraising ahead of us as we do not intend to charge any recipient for the units - we want to be able to provide everything free of charge so any help you can give is vital to our success.